Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Undulating clouds
Summer heat dissipated
Lonely bird harkens

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

2 bottles in.... 

Country music

$2 bottle of wine

Heartbreak at every twist and turn

Tunes roll over my soul and shoulders

Sweet pain of love

Courses thru my every cell

There will be resolution

What that will be eludes me

Wine sources meat sweats

Stewing in my bile and excretions

Ain’t no such thing as answers

The road ahead is long and twisted

Let it come

Maps are of no use

Enjoy e’er passing flower

No use in worrying

It will come

Rend my Heart into Innumerable Pieces 

The sun’s rays waft down upon my shoulders
Jimmy Buffet inspired tunes assail my ears
A frozen drink chills my hand and throat
An aura of calm and serenity pervades all
Families rekindle the flame
Lovers reignite their passions
Locals regale us all for cash
At my side sits….?
Have I shattered the penultimate love?
Or is there a loving beauty at my side?
Time alone will tell.
Let answers be found! Well not my eyes!
What will be will be; come what may.

Tossed Off 

Wind tossed touch caresses my chest
Unbeknownst to me there is a plan
Which I can not see from my view
Buffeted by regret and fear
I lay my life on the line in every
Imag’nible way I can
Understood by the few fellow souls
Feared for by the many
I wage on into comes what may
I know not until I reach it
Confused, ignorant, lost and alone
I make my way without trail
Without guide nor machete nor map
Where e’er I find the end,
be it answers or my own demise,
time alone will tell.
Let it begin. I am ready.

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