Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The clanking pauses
Travel sceased for the here now
WC stench strangles


Leaf strewn and shaded
Snow covered peaks overlook
Flashing bluebird streaks


Our travel pauses but life continues

Small children catch my tired eyes

First glance illuminates brilliant dress,

Angelic countenance. Closer

Inspection reveals worn clothes,

Muddy complexion and broken toys.

Adorable cherubim sharing life

My condescending judgmental

Gaze is felt. I turn, my shame

Enflamed cheeks as red

As their natural ones.

Stop along the Way 

Constant noise assails my drums

All forms omnipresent and overwhelming

Focused on my own the outside becomes

The object of my perusal

Early morning sun illuminates and warms

Dingy buildings crumbing rubble leads to

Green and brownfields symmetrically planted

Fires burn trash and heat homes fueled by

wood trash dung

Friendly discourse and joviality envelop

Me. On the sly the populace slips past

In silent toil and obscurity

Ideality life non-existent

Clack clack shake click ramble

We rumble past


A gentle breeze stirs the trees

Rippling waves stumble to shore

Idle chatter surrounds drowning

Wafting island music and crashes.

Slowly the sun sinks into the water

Orange pink and red rays suffuse

The sky, Thatched roofs lend

Atmosphere to the scene.

Helpful staff enforce pre-happy

Hour rush, Thoughts fly

Across the smooth ocean and

Beyond, What the future holds

The stars cannot foretell

Clouds reflect the fading light

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